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5 Star Review
I loved this book!
Wow, Susan Gabriel has done it again. Intriguing characters, witty dialogue and somehow she has woven it all into a tale of romance and suspense. If you want a can't-put-it-down book...this is the one!

E. Bowersox on 13 April 2010

5 Star Review
Only the Lonely by Susan Gabriel Dramatic Storyline Switch Creates Compelling Ending!

A Sensuous Journey from Black Velvet Seductions has once again surprised me with the unique book—Only the Lonely by Susan Gabriel!

The dramatic switch that ended this book left a much more lasting impression on this reader than the one that most of us would have expected. Susan Gabriel has succeeded in creating sympathy, understanding, and even admiration for her lead vampire character, in Only the Lonely. The beginning was fun; the ending memorable—you can’t lose with that combination! Highly recommended, with alert for the adult content

G.A. Bixler
Book Readers Heaven

"Only the Lonely" by Susan Gabriel is a sultry Southern vampire tale with vivid characters and twists and turns to keep you enthralled. This is a highly erotic paranormal romantic suspense story. Just remember, we can't always see what is out there in the dark, watching and waiting. However, it can always see us....inside and out!

V. Campbell

5 Stars for Only the Lonely

My Does Susan Gabriel Spin A Wonderful Story That Just Sucks Readers In. Only The Lonely Is Set In A City That I Know Quite Well And That I Can Relate To. The Mississippi River, Lacled's Landing Are Known To Draw Tourists, As Well As The Towering Arch. Summer And Lucien Are Both Lonely Creatures, And Both Have No Family. Summer Thinks That She Could Have An Affair And Walk Away With Her Heart Intact As She Knows That There Is No Forever Between A Vampire And A Human, But Just Days After Meeting Lucien Dead Bodies Float Up In The River And Suddenly She Thinks Lucien Is The Killer.........

L. Bass

The Stir of Echo, 5 star review
Echo Sullivan is clairaudient. She is unsure of her gift or how to use it. Her parents want her to move into their house in the suburbs and she is hoping to find some answers. She also needs a man, a real man who can dominate her. Echo should really be careful of what she wishes because she just might get more then she bargained for.
Flynn has been waiting for the right time and the right place to meet Echo. Now he just needs to take it slow so he doesn't scare her off. He has secrets that could push her away for good.
Is Flynn man enough to dominate Echo? Does Echo really want to be dominated or is it a fleeing fantasy?
The Stir of Echo is very intriguing and dark. Ms. Gabriel did a wonderful job showing the struggles that Echo had. Echo isn't sure what she wants and you feel the power of that in Ms. Gabriel's words. Flynn is just the man to show Echo what she really needs and Ms. Gabriel did a wonderful job making their story come alive. Susan Gabriel hints at Flynn's secret, but doesn't come right out with it. I love a book that can keep me guessing.  I loved the dream scene that Echo had and I also loved the ending. A little mystery is a nice bonus to any romance! Not to mention the hot scene in the costume shop. OH MY!! The Stir of Echo is hot with a capital H!!!
reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed
Another 5 Star Reader review for The Stir of Echo
I wasn't sure quite what to expect from reading The Stir of Echo by Susan Gabriel. That turned out to be a good thing because it was an unexpected delight of a novel.
I knew from reading sample chapters at www.blackvelvetseductions.com that I was intrigued by the Celtic connection and Echo's special ability. I knew Flynn was a man I couldn't resist reading about. Who could resist that Irish accent and his calling Echo a lovely lass or that twinkle in his eyes?
What I didn't know was just how wonderful it would be to read this novel because of Susan Gabriel's excellent writing. It was like going to a movie with a friend--a movie that drew me in until I felt like I was Echo.
The story grew more and more interesting, the pacing was just right, the romance both believable and dreamy. I loved the story dramatized in the pages of The Stir of Echo from beginning to end.
T. Thornton "Reader and Writer


Rating: 5 Enchantmentstotally enjoyed this book and the love, mystery and fantasy completely captivated me. I could not put the story down, I read it in one sitting, and then proceeded to write my review before the magic wore off, if it ever will. The love story between Echo and Flynn was so incredibly romantic, a tale based on legend painted by Susan Gabriel on the canvas of the believable. Susan Gabriel creates vivid word pictures that kept the artist in me completely captivated, I am certain to get a picture out of this tale. The story has erotic parts intimately woven in its entirety. Colors of love, tenderness, and mystery are artistically brushed throughout this story in captivating prose, as Flynn and Echo, soul mates, realize they were destined for each other, and as they learn to trust one another.
Desiree DouglasEnchanting Reviews

The Stir of Echo Night Owl Romance review
The Stir of Echo is a lovely story of two diverse, extra sensory beings fated to be together. Ms Gabriel's clean, clear and easy to read story has wonderful characters and imagination. You need to read The Stir of Echo for the truth of this fantasy. Enjoy.
Tammie King
Night Owl Romance

Twolipsreview.com --Alisha
Susan Gabriel has penned a story that  heated up nicely once Flynn embraced Echo's fantasy! Both these people hold secrets that cannot be revealed in the light of day, and Echo is afraid to place her
trust and heart in any man's hands. Flynn knows he dare not reveal his own ancestry until he has won his lady's heart, but will love be enough to see them through? The Stir of Echo is a white hot, steamy, and sexy tale. Delightful characters and a dynamite ending make this a recommended read. The Stir of Echo is definitely a keeper!